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SOS Restoration & Construction Inc services include anything from construction, roofing, structural support, home remodeling and/or improvements, sidings, and windows, commercial construction, and restoration services. Here at SOS Restoration & Construction Inc, we stand behind our work. Our licensed, expert and creative contractors will put in amazing work for your next project, whether it is for your business or home. From easy tasks like painting or guttering to more complicated ones like replacing/fixing the roofing above your head, replacing hardwood flooring, or placing structural beams to ensure safety, we will guide you through every step of the way. When you need roofing and structural support in West Haven, CT call us today at 203-215-6907!

Our Services

We value honesty and integrity and our services include almost everything you’ll need to make your home transform into a beautiful and safe place. Our team at SOS Restoration & Construction Inc customizes themselves to each individual project in order to pay close attention to every detail, big or small. Like when your home is on the older side, we make sure to add reinforcing support with structural beams! We are involved, engaged and want to make our clients feel they are being listened to. Get assistance with your roofing and structural support in West Haven, CT.

Are you currently in a bit of a creative slump? Don’t know what to do about your home’s or businesses’ renovation or remodeling? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts here at SOS Restoration & Construction Inc! Our team works with the best creators in the construction business in Connecticut. Ask us anything about design and creativity. After that, you can request a free complete estimate of any work you need to be done.

We’re great listeners! Do you have any questions? Feel free to Get in Touch with us by either calling us or reaching out through our website.  Enjoy quality roofing and structural support in West Haven, CT and give us a call!

Increase the quality of your property with roofing and structural support in West Haven, CT! Call 203-215-6907 With SOS Restoration & Construction Inc for more information!