About Us

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Offering Quality Construction, Restoration, Roofing and Home Renovation Services to our Clients

Who we are is, often, founded in what we believe in. SOS Restoration & Construction Inc is found in the simple, but powerful beliefs of trustworthiness, integrity, hard work and creativity. When you require roofing services in Woodbridge, CT reach out to us at 203-215-6907.

Let’s Believe Together

We know what dreams are made of. Most of the time, they require a strong foundation, a substantial roof, solid and beautiful walls painted in color, and a wonderful group of people that can call it home… and in the process of achieving that dream, we are a company that can make it all worthwhile, respecting and following your vision. Yes, we can make it happen! Whether it is your home or your place of work, we’ll put our skills and passion into your projects, big or small. Whether your home requires weather reparation, guttering, roofing options, and design, sidings and windows, or is still in the works of constructing the home of your dreams, our team will be there for you.

How We Deliver

  • SOS Restoration & Construction Inc operates roofing services in Woodbridge, CT, delivering high-quality work and combining excellent materials and services for our clients.
  • Our team will work to create a friendly and honest environment that fosters safety and confidence to point us (and you) in the right direction of your project. 
  • SOS Restoration & Construction Inc works with creativity and design in mind. We suggest what we think is best in terms of quality, but also in terms of visuals and aesthetics for your home.
  • We love to listen. We work with each client in order to identify their needs to the core and provide suitable solutions at a reasonable price.
  • Looking to install roofing or structural placements in your home? We’ll work with top of the line technicians and brands in the business.
  • We work with top-notch brands for materials, however, if the client requires it, our team is willing to research and explore products to deliver the best solution to our clients’ needs.

Contact us for more! When you’re in need of roofing services in Woodbridge, CT rely on our experts at SOS Restoration & Construction Inc and give us a call at 203-215-6907 today.