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SOS Restoration & Construction Inc‘s services include anything from construction, roofing, structural support, home remodeling and/or improvements, sidings, and windows, commercial construction, and restoration services. It doesn’t matter the state in which we find your property; if it was hit by disaster or needs to have big reparations done, we are ready to step in. Our team is full of licensed experts that are passionate about helping you with your next home renovation, roofing repairs or replacement, structural support projects, flooring, guttering, windows & sidings, you name it! We’re the team you’ve been looking for, we’re providing roofing and structural support in Seymore, CT. Give us a call at 203-215-6907 to learn more!

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Our high-quality experts will help you through every step of the way. They will be able to sort through any type of mess to rebuild your home and make it look as it’s supposed to – we want it to look the way you envision it. SOS Restoration & Construction Inc is a leader with experience, and we exclusively use high-quality materials; we work with only the best of the best. We also make sure to provide reinforcing support with structural beams if your home is on the older side. If you decide to choose us for your next project, you’ll be making the right choice. Rely on us for your roofing and structural support in Seymore, CT!

If you find yourself in need of creative advice for your home’s or businesses’ renovation or remodeling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts. Our team at SOS Restoration & Construction Inc works with the best creators in the construction business in Connecticut. Ask us anything about your roofing and structural support in Seymore, CT!

We’re great listeners! Do you have any questions? Feel free to Get in Touch with us by filling out the form. SOS Restoration & Construction Inc is more than happy to assist you in Seymore, CT!

Get the assistance you deserve with SOS Restoration & Construction Inc! Call 203-215-6907 for services in roofing and structural support in Seymore, CT!